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Active Learning @ UCI

Active learning can be as simple as prompting students to pause and reflect on their learning and as complex as immersive in-class simulations. See examples of active learning techniques employed at UCI and learn about how the spaces and technologies at our campus can make active learning strategies more effective and efficient to implement.


Instructional Technologies (Canvas and EEE+ Tools)

"Ask us anything" about the Canvas/EEE+ environment, including Canvas, GrandCentral, ScoreShare, GradeScope, Evaluations, Scout


Checkin @ UCI

If you would like to take attendance in the courses you teach but do not want to deal with paper sign-ins or clickers just for that purpose, you can take attendance with the technology that students already have and use. The “Checkin” web-based application works from smartphones, tablets, and computers. Instructors or their designates can get reports and raw data which shows classes/sessions attended by each student.


Improving Your Canvas Experience

We’ve come a long way with Canvas since the initial pilot. With new features made by UCI’s Academic Web Technologies team and Instructure, improvements to EEE Support’s services, and the integration of many third-party tools, UCI Canvas only continues to get better. Come and check out what we have been working on, and learn about the process we go through to make new third-party tools available to you.


Presentation Slides

Improving Your Canvas Experience (Powerpoint)