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Communication & Collaboration @ UCI

Collaboration tools can make work easier, save time and keep you connected with your colleagues across campus. Learn about the various team tools that are available to help you communicate and collaborate more effectively, including Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Zoom and G-Suite products.


Start a UCI Website

Need to get your content online? Learn about the web hosting options available at UCI. From simple to advanced: learn what is available, what are the benefits and limitations, and what are the costs of hosting a website. Learn more about Google Sites, UCI Sites and Faculty Websites using WordPress, or advanced web hosting options.


Start a UCI Website Flyer (PDF)

Survey an Anteater with Qualtrics

Want to know what an Anteater is thinking? Try Qualtrics today! UCI Qualtrics is now available to all faculty and staff for surveys, feedback, sign-ups, and more. Stop by our booth for a short demo.

What's New in Telecomm & Networking

OIT Network and Telecom Services supports UCInet, campus WiFi, radio, and the telephone system. However, in addition to making sure the infrastructure works for you, we have a variety of more visible services: server registration (for securely accessing your computer systems from off-campus), IP Address requests (so you can connect new systems to the network), DNS configuration (so browsers can find your web servers and databases), and many others. Come visit and learn more about our services, as well as recent and planned improvements including those funded by eTech.