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Apps that Support Students

Come explore customized applications developed to enhance the student experience, including apps for Commencement, Wellness, Health & Counseling Services (Community Provider Referral Database), Auxiliary Services (Eventive), and Student Life & Leadership (Zot Bites).

Cap & Gown and Faculty Hub

The Chancellor and Provost IT team is proud to highlight two custom applications developed to meet unique campus needs: Faculty Hub helps faculty prepare materials for review; Cap and Gown allows students to order their commencement gear conveniently from a mobile app.


Grad Slate

Technolutions Slate is used by Graduate Division for receiving, reviewing, and making decisions on graduate applications. Slate is used by anyone participating in the Department Review process, including Graduate Division employees, Academic Department Coordinators, and Faculty Reviewers.


UCI Appointments System

"Appointments" facilitates self-service, online appointment booking for campus units that accept one-on-one appointments between students and a pool of staff, making this tool ideal for advising units.



Introduction to the UCI Appointments Scheduling System

Do you spend too much time exchanging emails with students and clients to arrange appointment times? The Appointments application is here to help. In this session, we will introduce Appointments, a versatile, self-service appointment scheduling system that simplifies coordinating appointments for your office staff.


Presentation Slides

Introduction to the UCI Appointments Scheduling System (Powerpoint)